A global online course with leaders in sustainability

The Sustainable Global Leadership Academy provides with 8 inspirational sessions by mentors and leaders in the field of sustainability, including Shlomo Shoham and Laurentien van Oranje.

Laurentien van Oranje
Shlomo Shoham
  • Laurentien van Oranje – Social entrepreneur, author
  • Judge (ret) Shlomo Shoham – Former Commissioner for Future Generations Israel, Vice-Chair Network of Institutions for Future Generations
  • Jan van de Venis – JustLaw, Lab for Future Generations, Vice-Chair Network of Institutions for Future Generations
  • Prof. Jacob Raz – Japanese and Zen Buddhism Studies, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Johannes Meier – Former CEO Europe Climate Foundation, CEO Xi GmbH
  • Prof. Tineke Lambooy – Corporate Law and CSR Nyenrode Business University, Lab for Future Generations
  • Lynn Zebeda – Dr. Monk, Board Worldconnectors, Lab for Future Generations
Jan van de Venis
Jacob Raz
Johannes Meier
Tineke Lambooy

Sustainability is usually defined as development that does not deplete the resources of future generations and is currently being applied not only to the sphere of environment, but also to economy and society. SGLA seeks to take sustainability towards a more holistic and proactive definition. In our view, the essence of sustainability is the obligation to support the continuous evolution of the world and the responsibility to create a desired future of well-being, prosperity and harmony in each and every aspect of life. Sustaining the existing state of our cosmos is not sufficient. Our obligation is to create proper conditions that will support the evolution of humankind and of the natural world as a whole towards a better existence, and may require new terminology, as we move towards growth and prosperity.

Lectures will be on Sustainable Global Leadership and will include:

  • Towards a world with authentic, resonant and effective leaders who are driven by future oriented leadership.
  • Future Imagery: Taking into consideration the interests of future generations in your everyday work.
  • How including youth improves sustainable and future oriented leadership.
  • Research and ideation as part of sustainable future oriented leadership – a more practical approach.
  • A human rights perspective on sustainable and future oriented leadership.

All the lectures will start at 15:00 and will last 45 – 75  minutes. Then 15 min. for dialogue and  Q&A. After that we organize break out sessions in Zoom for those who want to stay online and continue the dialogue. View course data and program here.

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Due to the COVID 19 outbreak we allow you to set the price. Do join an share: your donation will benefit the Lab Toekomstige Generaties. An idea (but it’s your call): we suggest €100 for NGO’s and individuals and €250 for businesses. And there are still some free youth scholarships.  Order your ticket here!

If you pay the EUR 250 contribution and complete 6 out of 8 lectures via Zoom you will receive a certificate and a digital copy of Shlomo Shoham’s book “Future Intelligence”. Join and become a Sustainable Global Leader.

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